Integrated Information Protection

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Worldwide Data Protection and Privacy (WDP2) is part of a global consortium existing for 20+ Years with a specialization in Information Security and IT.

“ISA helped us big time in terms of building the Three Year IT Security roadmap and strategy which was ground connected and thought from the very feasible practical point of view. This helped win customer trust and assurance in a big way”

Premium Telecom player in Middle East:

Integrated Information Protection

Integrated Information Protection Management is designed to approach Information Protection in a comprehensive and composite manner to help simplify and achieve effective information protection while retaining a great User Experience.

Industry Traditionally has been approaching Data Protection by deploying multiple solutions such as DLP, Information Rights Management, Data Classification, Encryption, MDM/MAM, etc., and have been trying to make them work together to achieve the ultimate objective of Data protection and most of these programs traditionally have failed to deliver due to their inabilities to work in a composite fashion as well as impacting work productivity adversely. Hence, the Industry has strongly felt the need for a composite approach and solution to solve the Information Protection menace.

We strongly believe that the composite approach and composite solution with designed intelligence is “the approach to Information Protection without adversely impacting User Productivity”.

We also believe in the simplified landscape of processes and limited tools is the way forward to achieve the Information Protection goals of an organization. Yet it is important to remember that Information Protection is only possible with engaged business functions working as part of this program.

Business Challenges

Prevent Data Loss
Minimize Downtime
Manage and Protect Cloud Workloads
Reduce IT Complexity

Integrated Structured Approach to Information Protection

Secure Asset Management

Secure Asset Management

Info Sys Asia (ISA) is always with you to secure your business infrastructures

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