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GPS Based Tracking

HETS Track accurate real-time GPS Positioning along with Sales team location, route, distance traveled sales reporting of each sales representative. HETS App shows day movement on the map and calculates the distance traveled by the field employee.

Faster Services

When you use HETS to manage sales activities, you can simply assign a task to sales, marketing, and service employee and track all necessary process from the history list. HETS application helps you to choose all employee and nearby to the customer’s location. 

Sales History

HETS dashboard allows you to easily view your sales leads or customers’ pipeline inquiry and major conversation or sales activities histories from a user-friendly web-based dashboard for admin or mobile-based app for sales team members.

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HETS ``Human Efficiency Tracking System``

Get on time report of all sales activity from lead to delivery.

It’s easy to track sales leads, clients account products or services, HETS easily tracks everything from the Company or Contact level. We quick access to all critical account data, including key contacts, communication history, shared documents, partners in the account, and more.

HETS dashboard gives you a current, comprehensive view of all your sales activities. Know where every customer is in the sales cycle, deal size, contact history. Reports & Dashboards provide a smooth, accurate read of everything happening.

Track, Task Events and Group Calendar

Task & Event Tracking

HETS Tracking option gives you complete visibility into the time you and your team members are spending on any given Deal or major issue, you can closely monitor tasks from your web interface and directly manage all the sale and individual sales team member to better close deals and issues together. Management gets the proper report of individuals, groups, and visibility they need into quality, satisfaction, and responsiveness result, teams are more organized, from beginning to end with history report.

Group Calendar

HETS group calendar is an exceptional way to manage and track your meeting as well as your team schedule on daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled history, activities and customer meetings, etc. and everything else. You can easily track upcoming events and make a necessary action or require guideline, set reminders, create tasks and enter notes, attach files to calendar activities, associate calendar entries with one or more contacts and assign tasks to one or more team members.

Why HETS ``Human Efficiency Tracking System``

Key Features

HETS tracking solutions services are can be incredibly useful for employers and employees both to provide more transparency. The employer can track the location any time during office or predefine time schedule.

Summarized user based work reports will show you his complete report along user history including his customer visit, transportation, confirm order, and pipeline orders, order status.

Summarized web-based admin dashboard will show you the user wise expenses details where you have the option to select the report from date selection criteria.

Admin dashboard will allow you to check the past meeting details as we as upcoming (predefine)) meeting schedule; which will help you manage the next meeting plan accordingly.

Admin can select the report for employee, customer, sales, order, group sales, branch sales report.

Alerts & features

  • Real-Time GPS location
  • Geo, time-tagged attendance
  • Location-specific attendance
  • Visit duration capturing
  • Digital sales order booking
  • Payment collection details
  • Access client’s business history
  • Tag client’s GPS location
  • Geo-tagged images as proof of location
  • Sales manager access reports online
  • Add new client data with GPS info
  • Access product catalog on the app
  • Create custom forms to collect data
  • Add images to custom forms
  • Images capture thru the app
  • Task Reminders for next meeting
  • Assign task to users nearest to client
  • Auto reminder if GPS, the Internet is off 
  • GPS is off
  • Internet off
  • Meeting Alert
  • Employee wise Monthly visits report
  • Employee wise Monthly Attendance Report
  • Distance traveled calculation 
  • Distance travel report for reimbursement
  • Daily expense Report

HETS Sales Staff Tracking Solutions

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600 Users
  • THB 600 Per User/Per Month
  • 3 Months Plan
  • All Features
  • FREE Upgrades
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Images Upload
  • Support by Phone/Email
  • Support by Phone/Email
  • No Customization



550 User
  • THB 550 Per User/Per Month
  • Six Months Plan
  • All Features
  • FREE Upgrades
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Images Upload
  • Support by Phone/Email
  • All Reports
  • Support by Phone/Email
  • Basic Customization



500 User
  • THB 500 Per User/Per Month
  • Yearly Plan
  • All Features
  • FREE Upgrades
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Images Upload
  • Support by Phone/Email
  • All Reports
  • Support by Phone/Email
  • Basic Customization


  • Minimum 5 (Users)
  • 1 User = 1 Login, Including Mobile + Web Users
  • Minimum 3 Month Subscription
  • Setup Fees 500 THB / User (Nonrefundable)
  • Hosting, Secure Server, Managed Services
  • All above price is excluding VAT 7%
  • No Security deposit money
  • Pay per user only
  • Cancel your services after prior to next billing
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Any paid amount will not be refundable.
  • Payment would be in Thai Baht only.

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