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Improve your IT Security with our audit and monitoring tools

School Management

Remote monitoring software will help you to know, who is really working hard in your organization and who is not – during office time spending a maximum time on social media, news portal, messengers, coming late, pretending to work and leaving early.

Campus Online System

Enhanced computer security helps to handle all the data copied into the removable media or transfer over the Internet. Apply in-depth computer usage monitoring to suspicious employees to prevent important data leaks and prevent critical data leak.

Single Apps Solution

In Higher risk division employees require greater oversight and our monitoring software and self-control dashboard based tool enables detailed, a context-rich collection of real-time activity and inspection of user work details without interfering with workflow.

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Ultimate School ERP software for all kinds of Institutes

Monitor application usage across an organization it can be separated based on usages to provide a clear picture of general and individual employee productivity levels.

Block malicious websites, create alarms on the priority basis to capture suspicious activity, monitor web traffic and usage to know who’s doing what so you can safeguard your organization.


Why important?

When IT administrator needs to find the core of actual problems, a monitoring system can be their best solutions. Hardware, Software, and utility Monitor can pinpoint the source of a problem and help admins find a fix before big damage.

Administrators need to make sure the complete secure IT process from the servers to the applications are running smoothly and every user are employing their devices in a correct manner to keep a corporate work running properly, admins can use desktop monitoring tools to identify the source of performance issues, keep track of inventory, deploy software, protect sensitive data.

Data Security

System safety and data Security are most important concerns of every workplace. Companies around the world have IT departments with security parameters and the main goal of such department is to protect data from external infiltration. But how do you protect your company s information from negligent behavior or accidental sharing via internal sources? Some time user accidentally downloaded some malware, or he doesn’t have any disk space left on his computer. With the right set of desktop monitoring tools, admins can find the answers to important questions associated with keeping desktops, applications, and users running.


Key Features

Monitoring system tracks both active and inactive computer time of each user. If the user makes no mouse and or no keyboard actions during a predefined period of time, the system will generate an alert.

Summarized computer user based usage reports will show you who works on the computer more and who less on a particular application or combined application during office time.

Summarized computer user based usage reports will show you the user history and will track application name, icon, window title, website URL, username, computer name, start\end times and active and idle times.

Every company needs desktop management tools that help with key processes such as patching monitoring to be aware of all new patches which make secure your system and reliable.

IT admins can use our reliability monitoring system tool, this system tool tracks events such as installs and uninstalls, as well as hardware or software failure.

Alerts & features

  • Voice and PoP Up
  • Sleep Mode/lock Mode
  • Any Hardware Change including change from SATA port
  • Any Operating Software Changes
  • PC Online/Offline monitoring
  • Low Disk Space
  • Server down
  • External USB/HDD/CD Connect
  • Temp File Increases Certain Size
  • Unauthorized Software Installation / Usages
  • Multiple NIC Cards
  • Firewall Status
  • RAM Change
  • Motherboard Chang

Motherboard Change

Internal HDD Change

Multiple Internal HDD

External HDD Plug-in

PC Idle Since last (Time Stamp)

Antivirus Not Updated

Windows Patch is Not Installed/ Updated

XYZ Software is Not Installed/ Updated

No. Of The Local User Change

PC is not switched off since XYZ time

Admin / Unit Password Alert If Not Changed Periodically

Authorization Based Monitoring System

Graphical representation of users live status and history

Real-time as well as historical performance monitoring of users based on keyboard and mouse clicks

Live records of application/software usages by staff/users

Listing of the top and least active users as per department /group in a defined time frame

Trends for most used applications with the timestamp

PC Usages Report

– Application Usages Report

Remote monitoring system

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